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Thanks for popping by. Design has been a big part of my life for twenty years. With a breadth of experience and a vast array of clients and senior positions to my career, I am passionate about customer interaction, with a focus on brand integrity and communication.

I love beautiful paper, discovering new art house magazines, and getting down to the beach on a day when everyone else stays indoors. I am fascinated by pothole gardens, and love the colour and passion of spanish flamenco. I am addicted to that feeling of take-off, heading for a new destination. I am a sucker for travel…

But this is not the place for a personal blog. You are here to find out more about my design backgroundview examples of my work, and to learn what it is that makes my clients happy. For more in-depth information on my qualifications or previous positions held, or to read recommendations from past employers and colleagues, visit my LinkedIn profile.


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