Reinventing a growing annual event: year to year

An evolution of the New Zealand Marketing Summit //

2016 // In the hunt for something new and exciting, this year the festival theme evolved into a Festival of Colour. Bold paint splashes announced the return of this landmark event – now generating excitement and anticipation across the marketing sector. In contrast to 2015 where the mood was dark – the 2016 concept embraced areas of white space, white props (milk bottles, upside down white umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, white chairs, and a large white frame) with deliberate splashes of bold colour. As per previous NZMS agendas, this year included four streams – each encapsulated by a chosen colour and prop eg green apples, fake grass, paint strokes etc. A variety of printed pieces promoted this event including a 12-page Handbook, 8-page Booklet, and clever envelope piece that went direct mail and enclosed a set of attractive cards. Emphasis on clever marketing for this creative event!  Visit the 2016 NZMS website here.  See photos from this 2016 event here.

2015 // The tungsten bulb was used as a deconstructed concept taken from a Festival of Lights. The single bulb was especially effective across light boxes within the expo space. Printed material used a matt stock, highlighting the bulb with spot UV ink for high gloss effect. This year the brand was simplified from the previously named ‘NZ Marketing Summit’, now instead focusing on ‘NZMS’ which provided a handsome tag across social media. The tone on the day of the event was slick, modern and classy – ambient lighting achieved the desired effect in highlighting various stages within the arena. See photos from this 2015 event here.


2014 // Blue sky, green grass, balloons and festival flags were the leading theme of this years Outdoor Festival theme. A flouro spot pantone in lime green created a bold drawcard across all marketing material and on the day event signage. The tone of the event was upbeat and vibrant.

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