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Promotion to stimulate brand awareness within the mainstream market for what was considered traditionally a ‘specialist’ brand. Design work included brand development, concept artwork, illustration, design of outdoor, press and web advertisements that ran as a series through scheduled placements.

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United brand representation was new territory for Yamaha Music Australia, who had previously taken an individual approach to promoting each of its’ five different product divisions. Market research revealed that people who bought a Yamaha guitar did not know that Yamaha also produced high quality specialist audio visual product; those that played Yamaha pianos were not aware of the size of the commercial audio division nor about the long established Yamaha Music School. The Corporate Communications manager launched a campaign to unite Yamaha as an ‘audio company’ and make it a household name, no longer an elite brand for varied specialists groups.

A targeted press campaign saw advertisements placed in fashion and sporting magazines ‘Fashion/Audio Rocks Your World… Audio Rocks Ours’ and an eight-week outdoor campaign including billboards and bus stops that presented the Yamaha brand as a name and evoked a feeling, designs void of product images. The focus for the campaign was youth, energy – and an explosion of sound, that a strong vector silhouette worked best to convey.

These designs marked a bold new direction for a brand that had previously only known how to speak to an exclusive and specialist audiences. Following this campaign, Yamaha Music Australia took a step into the personal audio market with iPod docks and radios – firmly positioning themselves in the mainstream market place.

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