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Yamaha Music Australia: Audio Visual //

Design work included logo development, corporate identity/branding, retail sales, product catalogues and ‘buying guides’, packaging, point of sale, promotional postcard/flyer, website design.


New product received from parent company (Yamaha Music Corporation, Japan) without a name, brand identity, market positioning, nor product photographs. I sourced photographer and coordinated the shoot, studio shots taken and final images prepared in-house. ‘YMA Speakers’ assigned as the product name to connect to parent brand ‘Yamaha’, whilst also providing anagram to ‘Yamaha Music Australia’. I worked together with China to prepare packaging die lines. Because the purpose of the product was to be ‘heard but not seen’, a product shot of the speakers in situ was not a viable solution for any promotional or packaging artwork. Instead, stock imagery was sourced to represent each model within the product suite.

This was the first time that images of people were used to promote Yamaha Audio Visual; the human element was well received by retailers, and had an significant impact on sales whereby the packaging aided as a sales tool. The imagery was continued across web and print media as the unifying brand identity. Working together with marketing and product managers, I designed the website and supplied artwork elements to web developer, while providing art direction over finished site.

A nationwide ‘mail-box drop’ catalogue campaign was implemented later that same year with a continuation of the highlighted YMA brand identity (snapshots shown below), and supporting in-store promotions (postcards and wobblers).


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