Large format slat wall installations and pull-up banners

Yamaha Music Australia: Professional Audio //

Designs sensitive to establishing parent brand consistency whilst allowing individuality across multiple and varied product groups.


Space was limited in-store, so retail point of sale needed to be kept to a minimum. Yamaha rolled-out an extensive slat wall campaign that was distributed nationwide. A selection of 12 product groups were highlighted, and a complete set of 24 slat wall designs were created from which dealers could order. Due to the variety of sub-brands under the main Yamaha banner, product genre and content, a strong approach was taken to branding so that any selection of designs placed side by side provided strong in-store presence for the underlining Yamaha name.

Designs included montage, photoshop techniques, vectored illustrations. Production included press checks, printed product test installations, coordinating orders and working together with the supplier and installers to ensure smooth roll-out of this promotion across the country.

Pull-up Banners were prepared in similar way to slat walls in terms of brand consistency across different product groups. Used for presentations, promotions, exhibitions and on stage, resilience and ease of transport was a must so various substrates were tested as part of the production process.


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