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Designs across a range of product suites; working together with printer/packaging specialists from initial measurements, overseeing prototypes and testing, through to colour press checks at final production stage.


Designs for this suite of home theatre packages needed to address the brief of reaching the mainstream buyer via home ware retail giant, Harvey Norman. This was a new market for the audio visual specialist who previously directed product through specialist stores. Following on from retailer feedback received in relation to YMA speakers (that had pioneered including a ‘human element’ into the product branding), I suggested concepts that highlighted a young family, using their home theatre in a range of ways (watching TV/movie – main panel, listening to music/gaming – side panels) and a bright palette of fun colours. A guitar pick was incorporated in the home theatre logo to subtly link the broader Yamaha connection to music.

The finished designs incorporated a photo shoot, whereby residence location, models and photographer were sourced and coordinated. Art direction on set, follow-up photoshop work in preparing the files for inclusion in the designs.

End result was an overwhelming success: these boxes looked fantastic en masse in-store and walked out the door. A tremendous entry into a new market for the Yamaha Audio Visual brand.

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